Whoa, traveler!

My name is Dark Dragon! Where to begin? I’d like to make a review blog, and I’d like to review everything! Video games, movies, books, food, apps, animals, anything that might be entertaining! XD

A little about me; I am a female gamer nerd living in the Pacific Northwest region of the USA. I belong to may fandoms. You can follow me on Twitter  (@tacodragon420), Instagram  (darkdragon333), and Xbox Live (Dark Dragon333). I am laid back and take everything with a sense of humor. I am also an amateur writer, crazy cat lady, stoner, and a lover of classic cars, outdoorsy shit, and Adventure Time.

I will steer away from anything seriously controversial  (politics, religion, etc), but I also swear like a fucking gosh damn sailor, so there’s that. This will be a light, humorous, and informative thread. Trolls will be dipped in cement and thrown in the ocean.

Please excuse typos as I have chubby fingers.

Anything else, feel free to ask! I also accept requests 🙂 as of this post the page is rather bland, but I am working on it!

Enjoy, and may the Force be with you! XD

  • Dark Dragon