The moment I saw the announcement of Falllout 4 on E3 last year I literally took my Xbox 360, PS3, and every game I had for both in to trade towards an Xbox One because I couldn’t miss Fallout 4! I loved Fallout 3 and loved New Vegas even more, so I was very excited! I pre-ordered, of course, and due to the time zone I’m in (Pacific) I got to pick it up at 9 pm. I didn’t stop playing for about 14 hours.

The main storyline of this game is excellent. Lots of twists, hard decisions, and factions to choose from. As with previous Fallout games there are tons upon tons of side missions to complete. I recently started my 2nd playthrough and have found many missions I missed in my first 118+ hours of game play. The dialogue is just amazing and so true to Fallout humor! However, I do have a few complaints. A good chunk of missions are the same thing over and over, namely the Minutemen missions. I also hate the dialogue wheel. Not being able to see what my character is going to say is frustrating for a role-playing gamer like me. The dialogue wheel is usually just “yes, “no”, “sarcastic”, and an option to inquire further. “Sarcastic” is always hilarious, but I would still prefer to know what I am about to say before I say it. Mod users can find a mod that remedies this, but that doesn’t change the experience most of us have. Nevertheless, with a large map and new weapons and monsters, there are still hours and hours to be lost in the Commonwealth wasteland! Not to mention the ability to build things in settlements. I would say about 30% of my game was spent building houses for my settlers (and equipping them with silly stuff). This is definitely a game with a HUGE entertainment factor and appeals to RPGers, FPSers, and action gamers. Granted it feels a lot more like a shooter than an RPG compared to the previous games, but it is still well worth the play!

Fallout 4 (2)

The graphics are actually pretty, which is hard to pull off in a nuclear wasteland. The faces look good, and movement looks normal. You can tell Bethesda took a lot of time to polish up this game and they did a good job, but it is not entirely without glitches. It is Bethesda after all. As you may or may not have read on the internet, there are a couple game breaking glitches that stop you from completing the game out there. I ran in to one that stopped me from completing a quest, but luckily it was not a main quest. The game also locks up fairly often. I would guess it happens to me 3 out of 10 times. I know that’s a weird guess, but its a weird thing to try to figure out!

My biggest problem with Fallout 4 is thankfully a small problem. Many of the songs on the radio are the same songs used in Fallout 3, and that disappointed me. I was looking forward to exploring a new wasteland with new music. I understand that this is supposed to tie together Fallout 3 and 4, but I for one still feel cheated. Also, there are only 2 radio stations, and 1 is classical music. Technically there is another, Minutemen Radio, but its all high pitched whistles and violin – nothing else. Maybe some people’s cup of tea, but not mine. Like I said, I was looking forward to jamming out to more 1940s-50s tunes. Most of the time I turn off the radio music and listen to my own.

My Rating: 8/10

+ More Fallout!
+ Endless hours of fun
+ DLC just released

– Recycled music
– Huge glitches

Fallout 4 (4)

I hope you enjoyed my review. If there is a game you’d like me to review, you can comment here, email me at, contact me on Twitter, @tacodragon420, or message me on Xbox, gamertag “Dark Dragon333”!

For the Brotherhood,
Dark Dragon

Fallout 4 (3)
Thank you for protecting my settlement, Pretty Dress Man!

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