New gaming team?

​Do you enjoy playing video games and reviewing them?

Have you ever wanted to be part of those gaming teams we all see on YouTube, Twitter, etc?

There are innumerable sites out their writing their own reviews, and I want in! But I haven’t been able to find gamers like me to form a team that represents what I want to represent; real games, real gamers. 

That’s where you possibly maybe come in perhaps!

I’m thinking of starting my own game reviewing team. I liked writing for the ones I did, but they were both UK based, and I am in the USA. It’s still just a thought, but I couldn’t/don’t want to do it alone. I’d like to cover all consoles, all games, with an emphasis on indie games to promote them. I was also think we could do it “Swearnet” style; not worry about offending people or kissing ass, but just being real gamers playing real games for other real gamers. Just fun, no commercial making, no follow trains, no shoutouts, just video games and entertainment! 

Hit me up if you might be interested 🙂 No writing experience necessary! Beginner gamers, writers, and reviewers welcome!

Email: darkdragon3x3@gmail.com

Twitter: @tacodragon420

Or simply comment here!


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