Long time no update! I never really got in to blogging. But here are some things you might want to know!

I am doing a giveaway to drive YouTube subs!


There are 14 days left to enter! Three winners, open worldwide!

I also just joined keymailer.com and am receiving codes in exchange for content now! I am legit! B-)

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Gradient Grips Review

Awhile ago I had the honor of being sponsored by GradientGripz! I received my pair about a week ago but haven’t had the time to sit down and write a review, till now!

Now, I know this will sound biased, but these grips are extremely high quality, especially considering the price! You can get one pair of grips for just 1.50 pounds or $1.89 (I’m in the USA and my keyboard doesn’t have the pound currency sign) plus shipping! Even though my order was shipped from the UK it arrived surprisingly fast, only about 2 weeks! And shipping was only $3!

I ordered the pink grips. They aren’t quite the color shown on the website, but that is my only compliant, and it isn’t a big one. They are more of a baby pink. But I like it. These grips fit on my Microsoft brand Xbox One and 360 controllers, as well as a Blu-tooth game pad I have for my smartphone, so I would imagine they fit anything! Grips I have previously purchased always seemed loose. The rubber is a lot softer as well, but not too soft. They provide great grip and comfort, leading to precise aim and an enjoyable gaming session for your thumbs! I absolutely love these and plan on ordering many more for myself and my gaming buddies!

I tried to take a close pic so you could see the quality! No excess rubber around the edges or anything. They are perfectly made!

Aside from grips they also sell skins, which I have not ordered yet, and great bundle deals! The Gamer Box includes one controller skin, two pairs of Concave grips, two pairs of Bullseye grips, one pair of Paw grips, one pair of Pro grips, one GradientGripz wristband, and a coupon for 25% off your next order! The GradientGripz Care Package includes one skin, and one pair each of Concave, Bullseye, Paw, and Pro grips!

So if you are looking for high quality custom items for your controllers, gifts for the gamers in your life, be sure to check out GradientGripz! And don’t forget to use the code “DDG333” for 10% off!


New gaming team?

​Do you enjoy playing video games and reviewing them?

Have you ever wanted to be part of those gaming teams we all see on YouTube, Twitter, etc?

There are innumerable sites out their writing their own reviews, and I want in! But I haven’t been able to find gamers like me to form a team that represents what I want to represent; real games, real gamers. 

That’s where you possibly maybe come in perhaps!

I’m thinking of starting my own game reviewing team. I liked writing for the ones I did, but they were both UK based, and I am in the USA. It’s still just a thought, but I couldn’t/don’t want to do it alone. I’d like to cover all consoles, all games, with an emphasis on indie games to promote them. I was also think we could do it “Swearnet” style; not worry about offending people or kissing ass, but just being real gamers playing real games for other real gamers. Just fun, no commercial making, no follow trains, no shoutouts, just video games and entertainment! 

Hit me up if you might be interested 🙂 No writing experience necessary! Beginner gamers, writers, and reviewers welcome!

Email: darkdragon3x3@gmail.com

Twitter: @tacodragon420

Or simply comment here!